Ceremonials is an ongoing project that searches for new forms to the familiar paradigm of judaica objects.

As members of the Jewish people we belong and don’t belong to so many places at the same time, leaving traces and memories wherever we go. It is this legacy and its afterlife, the reconstruction and reimagining of the historical and cultural trail, that stands at the heart of Ceremonials.
Each collection outlines a time and place, and is inspired by the particularity of that moment in Jewish history. Whether through a study of unique materialities and technologies, an attempt to capture the spirit of the age, Ceremonials searches for new forms to the familiar paradigm of judaica objects, to be passed down from one generation to the next.

However, while Ceremonials is rooted in the aura of the past it is equally committed to a re-evaluation of the rituals of the present. Each object an attempt to take apart, rethink, and reimagine the rituals of the Jewish life cycle, emphasizing the human aspect to those ceremonies through the bonds shared between loved ones, and between our families and those of past generations.
Ceremonials was borne out of a passion to combine the everyday functionality of tableware and the beauty and splendor of jewelry. We aspire to create objects that, true to their nature, hold within them both domestic utility as well as a sense of holiness and wonder. Constructed as heirlooms for future generations, these objects are made from the best, most timeless materials, and are fabricated by the finest craftsmen, to ensure their beauty and utility persists into the future.

The objects that make up the various Ceremonials collections are designed in Tel Aviv by designer Shira Keret.


Words by Ron Ben Tovim
Photos by Daniel Shechter and by Aya Windmiler


YEAR OF 5784