Zeresh’s Grager

Commissioned for “Rash Rash Rash” exhibition

Many Purim scrolls contain decorated drawings of Haman’s boys being hanged. Looking at those images, I couldn’t avoid thinking of the pendants of common children’s necklaces worn by proud mothers.

As a mother myrself, this led me to think about Zeresh, Haman’s wife and the mother of their children, and of her righteous right to hit Haman as well

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In Practice

Commissioned for “TLV Design Biennale,
Eretz Israel Museum 

In Collaboration with Itay Laniado

This series demonstrates how a printed object can reflect values associated with tradition, elegance and ceremony, while exploring what additions it might need in order to overcome the limitations of the material.

Materials: Pla filament, aluminum foil, pearls
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Ceremonials ︎ Kfar Rafaels Hanukkah Candles

We are proud to introduce our first collaboration with Kfar Rafael, an anthroposophical curative community located in Be'er sheva.
Taper Candles for Hanukkah
Made from 100% pure beeswax in peach color shades.

The candles were hand made by adults with special needs at Kfar Rafael's candle workshop.

Visit Kfar Rafael's website to learn more about them →

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